heyy, yh im always trying to write lyrics and stuff but a) i always seem to be repeating myself, and b) all my lyrics/riffs turn out depressing even when i want them not to be,

can anyone help please ?
Try taking on the perspective of another person. Think about who would write the kinds of songs you want to write and pretend you're that person. Write the song from their view how they might write it. Doesn't have to be a musician, it could be anybody.

If you haven't tried this already... just try to not even thing about what you're writing. Just write w/e comes to your mind, and don't erase. If you want to change something, just draw a line or something and add the new part. Don't throw anything away and you'd be surprised how much more stuff you can come up with. Once you have a bunch of ideas then you can worry about what sounds good or not.
its ok to repeat yourself sometimes. obviously it must be a good idea if it keeps coming up again. also, its not bad to write depressing lyrics. hell! 99% of songs ive written are depressing love songs. music is about expressing yourself, not trying to fit your music into a certain genre or idea
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