hello all, well ive only been playing 3 weeks so far, but i have just this week bought a glass slide due to my love for old deltablues ect, what im having trouble with as i dont have any magazines or books to learn from is not let other strings ring out when i slide, how do i stop this so its only that one not your hearing and not the rub of other strings when sliding??? after some beginner help
I would suggest holding the slide on your third finger and muting all the strings with the first 2 fingers, then instead of laying the slide flat across the strings, try to angle it slightly onto the string you want to slide on. You should only have to mute the strings below the one you want to play on. If you are playing the G, B or high E string then you can angle the bottom of the slide to the string with the top sticking outward. Just gotta try to angle it so the most pressure is on the string you want to ring out..

This is just a theory - I have never played with a slide, but in the offchance that I am correct - let me know =P
There are tons of instructional videos and a number of forums and websites for slide playing.

A little research should yield tons. I have a number of YouTube playlists bookmarked that have all the old Delta blues greats. You can study these guys for hours.

There's no "right" way to do it. I wear my slide on the pinky, and damp with my index finger.
That way I can easily play fingered notes and certain chords with the free fingers.
However, If you watch the old masters, you'll see every possible combination. Ring finger is popular.
Modern slide masters like Sonny Landreth often fret notes behind the slide...