Hi, i've decided to upgrade my old strat with low quality pickups (SSS) to an HSS configuration, so replace every pickup. The humbucker is in bridge position. So my question is, (i've got a HSS wiring scheme) do I need to change pots or something? Are there bad things afterwards? (I mean strange sounds or something).

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you shouldn't have to change much.. you'll get the same results as before apart from better tone and sound quality if you wire it right, you might wanna use copper shielding to reduce the hum - and is your guitar routed for H S S or SSS?


the guitar probably already has 500k pots, so no. you dont have to change anything.

if it has a 250k volume pot, then you'll probably want to change it to 500k. tone pots arent as important.
Hi, thanks fot the replies so far. @JamesLPs; my routing now is SSS, and the idea was to change it to HSS
convert to swimming pool route? shouldn't be too hard and then if in future you decide to change it back or change to HH then you're set,

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Ha, sorry i went offline for a bit but I was going to suggest pool route too, unless you're woodworkingly apt, in which case do what you want !

have fun with it anyway and as others said, 500k pots may be better as well as a new switch (lessens the change of crapping out and stops the sometimes click you get when changing selected pups)


Ok thnx oft the replys, i think i'm gonna use the pool route And i've got 500k pots so i'm ready to go
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