Smilin ear to ear - I hear Serj Tankien influences in that voice. Very nice! Sounds very No Doubt. I really like it. Not much I can say about it aside from the fact that you are very good with pro tools...

Kung fu grip - Your an amazing singer really.. Sounds great, love the feel of this song.. @ 0:48 or so I love the feeling change, and again right after.. Amazingly written music, again awesome job on the final product =)

Weigh Station - not really my style.. Good tone, singing, guitar playing and Harmonica =) Very Kenny Wayne Sheppard I wanna say. Fantastic job yet again =)

Crawlin up the wall - Very nice guitar work in the intro. Feeling Alice in chains here. Great work. I like the climbing chord progression following the intro. After that it takes kind of a "The Killers" turn on the sound, but then immediately back to something i like amazingly composed, alot of soul.. Very good job man!!

They are all amazing, I am not a lyrics guy.. and really only listen to the tone of the vocals over the music.. So I really have no idea what you said.. Think of it like listening to Hendrix while baked out of your mind.. Its just that kind of feel on your music =) In addition - I dont smoke "marijuana" cigarettes. So, sober the closest comparison I have to listening to your compositions is Hendrix while I am stoned =) (Thats a very large compliment!)

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