hey guys i have a quick quesiton. I have 300 dollars to spend on a guitar. i can either go schecter with an omen 6 or ibanez with an rg. i need your opinions what would be better for metal sweep picking and down tuning. i play killswitch engage, bullet for my valentine all that good stuff need opiniion thanks. sorry for the typos
both would need a pickup change to not just get mud from the pickups, the necks are compleatly different, you would need to play to see if you prefure the thin ibanez or the thick schecter
On that budget, if it's not the Ibanez RG321, then Schecter, definitely.
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I'm only 14 years old so making 700 dollars is not easy and would take me at least a year to get that much any other ones for like 400 from schecter that has the that body style