Hi guys, check out my cover of Juneau...with lyrics and all...and let me know what yopu think. Song is in my profile....
That's pretty damn good! Vocals could be a bit louder and EQ'd a bit but apart from that its awesome.
I also noticed your in Aber uni? I'm going there in Sept!
I love this song! So I'm glad you did a cover of it. I love the guitar playing, I agree with the previous poster, that the vocal eq should be different. If I knew more about how the vocals were recorded I could give you a better idea. But it's still awesome to hear!!! You should do "The Red is the New Black" by FFAF
Cheers for the comments guys. Saamon, yeh I went to Aber uni..did politics and history then a masters in management there. I've litterally just finished, got to hand my dissertation in, in a few weeks. What are you going to study there?

Its a really nice university you'll love it, specially the fact its by the seaside thats probably the best part.

EDIT: I will look at the red is the new black today..got my mate coming over 2morrow so could get it done then.
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