so im working on getting my live set up completely set, and i need some help with something.

this is going to seem a little weird to people probably so ill just explain it best i can.

this is what im thinking of doing

Wireless receiver -> Boss Comp/Sust -> Boss EQ -> Boss Chorus -> Boss NS-2 -> Volume -> ABY box ->

and this is the part im unsure about.

can i take both of the outputs of the ABY and put one into the L input of the DL4. and then the other one in the R input of DL4 and then from the outputs to seperate amps.

I also need to run a big muff to one amp. im not sure whether or not i will need to have it on when the delay is on. so should i run that before the DL4 and after the ABY?

or should i just run the dl4 to the ABY and then one from that to the big muff then the amp.

i guess im kind of confused on how to set this up.

also, please dont tell me to get rid of anything or put anything in my effects loop. this is how i have to set it up! thanks!

anyone? please?

i just want to know if i plug something into the right and left inputs if only what goes into the left input will come out of the left output. and same for the right.


if you could answer that that would solve this problem for me haha

I think contaqcting line 6 about would get you more answers.
Or check th e manual
i had a similar problem, but mine was with a noise gate.

i think the best way to do it would be ABY---MUFF---DL4.

You would lose the stereo capabilities of the DL4 but i think its what your trying to do anyway.