I just found this forum, and it''s great. I got a guitar and I can''t find her on the net, nothing, google failed I dont''t know what to do, and I think you can help me I need some description, how much is it, is it good and that kind of stuff. I hope you will help me even if I''m new here.. Inside of her is ticket: Autentica guitarra Admira, A-20015368, modelo: CARMEN, Keller - Espana. Help please! Thank you

some pictures

I guessing its about midrange priced (400-700 USD)
It's obviously a discontinued brand due to no info on it. I cant tell how old it is but i say the older the better for classical guitars because "they dont make them like they used to"
Thx for help, I saw that, but I can't find enything specific I hope it is some rear or something guitar
Some guy at Spanish forum wrote that he plays Admira Carmen which is almost 30 years old and is excellent.Not sure if Yours is so "vintage"but it's discontinued.He talked to some Admira rep and been told that todays equivalent of this model would be Avila.
You can buy used Admira Carmen in Europe for about 125-170 USD.
While finding out about my guitar (with a label stating "BM ESPANA made in spain") I have been told Keller was the company that now is Admira.

My guitar was made by Keller around 1984, the model is espana and BM stands for Barnes & Mullins.

The fact that your label includes the words Admira, Keller and Espana makes me think it was made at around the time the company changed from Keller to Admira.

My information came from the marketing manager at Barnes and Mullins. Try them, they were very helpful answering my questions.

P.S. they are a good maker! My guitar (although completely laminate) would have cost around £45 back in 1984 and a brand new equivelant admira model today would be around £200

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hi all, just been researching my own admira guitars n came across your forum so thought id share some info with you, and our international readers.
firstly as pointed out above, enrique keller did start the admira company (check out www.admira.es for the current range); and BM does indeed stand for 'Barnes and Mullins' who in the UK were wholesalers and distibutors for the admira range. i think from about 1972 onwards.
As you will see there is quite a large current range of guitars, which seem to be arranged some how into various groups - ie 'student', 'professional' etc etc. All straightforward stuff to follow.
however, from this point, and with respect to the original posting, things rapidly become more complicated, for the following reasons; it appears that BM had some kind of agreement with admira to make a range of 'badge engineered' guitars for the uk market, which had different labels and the markings BM (rather than admira) and a graphic depicting a spanish scene of some kind, with names like 'sevilla', 'almeria', 'espana' etc, but still essentially the admira body, neck and headstock. these UK guitars also some times had subltly different specs, ie different tuners or a bridge made of a different wood, etc, sometimes even an incorrect label inside, most likely to keep production efficiency high.
that means within the UK historically there are two 'same but different' series; the 'admira' series, and the 'BM' series.
thats only half the story tho, as it appears that globally, admira use different names for their guitars; ive never seen an 'elvira' for sale in the uk, and it doesnt correspond with any uk models, i would check out 'ebay.co.uk' and 'ebay.au' for examples of different names.
and the rosettes seem to change randomly from year to year too.
oh yes i almost forgot. the current range of admira guitars seems to be qualitatively distinct from the earlier models; sharper edges and seemingly less 'hand crafted', possibly cos admira are using modern production techniques?. so an admira almeria from the 1970's is an entirely different beast from the 2010 model.
hope that clarifies things a little without being too boring.
tho its probably just added to the confusion, but with respect to the original post, the crown on the headstock and the intricacy of of the inlays etc indicate its one of the better models . i am jealous!
ps when i said 'elena,' i meant 'carmen'
pps i got an admira espana, ronda, concert grande all of which are 20+ years old and fantastic to play
i also got a modern admira malaga. its rubbish in comparison
Excuse me for my English. I'm French and my English is many decades old.
I own (I have owned ? I don't remenber...) an Admira guitar, model Elvira since 1975.
I've never changed it because I love it.
A few years ago, I sent an email to the Admira (Keller) website because I wanted know what was the quality of my guitar and what kind of wood it was made of.
I received a reply two weeks later.
You can try to do the same. (http://www.admiraguitars.com/contact.aspx)
Best regards