Hello! So anyways, I'm thinking of building a guitar from pre routed, pre drilled pieces etc. I don't have a lot of money and have a wee one on the way and was thinking of buying official parts (or any parts you guys know of which are a good alternative), building it piece by piece over a year or so, to either a US Tele or Strat spec. I haven't done this before! Am I right in thinking that most parts fit each other?

Please, any suggestions, rants etc are much appreciated!

Cheers, Stevie.
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If you buy them from the same manufacturer, the pices should fit together, but there is no guarantee. You might want to check into buying your pices from Warmoth or Guitar Fetish. Guitar Fetish's pices are a good amount cheaper, but a lot of people on here have built guitars from their pice kits.


Well, I'll get an obvious one out of the way...
Humbuckers don't fit in single coil routes :p

As for your neck,
Tele and strat necks are not compatible with eachother. Tele necks have the flat heel on the neck, while strats have it curved.

Bridges, they should fit, depending on what you have a route for. Don't try putting a Floyd Rose where a TOM, or stop-tailpiece(name?) was.

Tuners, well measure the diameter of your tuner holes, on the neck, buy ones of the same size. If you have an electric drill, you can also increase the size of the holes easily.

For your parts,
Check out:
eBay is also very good, if you don't mind getting used.
..I was watching my death.
you can buy all kinds of parts most of them will fit, you can even go on ebay, to find pickups and tuners. if you got to this site you can order necks/bodies, and they can be pre drilled you just need to tell them what you want.


once you decide, you can go to musiciansfriend.com for pick guards, pick-ups, tuners, and all the other stuff you need. you can ever get better quality stuff if you piece it out like you're trying to do. you're options are endless. As for it being US i think the difference is that it might be made in the US, and might use different woods. BUT, that warmoth site you can pic the wood of the body, and then neck etc, so you would have a "custom" guitar. they paint them too bit it's extra. you can get strat bridges for like 30 dollars, good locking tuners for 40, and then the pickups are well, whastever you want to do. it'd be sweet to see what you come up with!
Buying hardware over time is fine, but with the wood, make sure it's in a place not too hot/cold/humid, even if it has a finish on it.
It depends what pre-routed body you buy, but most parts will either fit, or can be made to fit your guitar

Wilkinson make some good quality guitar parts if you are on a tight budget. I have used them and have been very happy with their hardware.
Thanks very much guys!! What do you guys think of buying a less expensive body and a decent neck? As I have said, I've never done this before and I am really excited about it!! I have an American standard Strat but to have my own guitar what I have pieced together - wow!

Thanks for all the replys!