probably at least 90% of people here haven't found "their sound" or their perfect guitar. for a lot of guitarists, this will probably never happen. i mean, there are countless professional guitarists that never find their perfect tone, for many reasons.
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I've got my perfect sound but it's not nothing to do with my perfect guitar, which is something I'm still looking for and doubt I'll ever find. Perfect sound is easy: I looked up which amps my favourite players used and bought one of those. Sound done. Perfect guitar, now that's a whole different problem.
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still looking one day i love my tone the next day i find something i could change to make it better its an endless struggle
i love mine, cause i found it really cheap, and it was amazing for the price, i wouldn't say it's perfect, i would like to have a edge ZR on it, after playing it for a year or so, i just felt that it was the one for me.
Just get the cheapest one with the features you like

I'm still on the hunt for this (although the MIM strat appears to be what im after)

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By accident. It's not my "perfect" or "ideal" sound, but it definitely gets the job done for most stuff. I like to think that it'll improve over time as I get more knowledgeable of effects and whatnot.
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I think i know what my perfect guitar is, but i could never afford one, even if i did manage to find one and try it out
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I wouldnt say i have the perfect sound, But it just a few days after i bought my JCM, i had found a sound I fell in love with.
i agree with you guys though, it's not the perfect guitar, but i just love it. as for tone... that is a horribly endless struggle. the only way i can find that perfect tone for that particular day is ... i'm buying a pod XT live. i found that buying an amp that my fav player has isn't rewarding. you buy it take it home and realize, it sounds good, but not the same. then you have to go out and buy power conditioners, sonic maximizers, eq's etc. which i won't do. i think the quest for the perfect tone is the drive to become a better player. i love my clean sound on my guitar and i think that's the most important tone.
Well your post and your thread title are two different questions, BUT -

I found my perfect guitar a couple of years back - for me, the creteria were that it could do a number of styles and replace the other three guitars I had at the time, while playing comfortably. It just had to work for what I did, and I was lucky to get a great deal on it.

Finding your own sound, however, is much more elusive as most musicians tend to change styles or techniques as their repetoire for licks and techniques grows. It's hard to say "This is what I want to sound like for the next ten years." because your influences can change, you can learn to do new things with the instrument, and on the basest level, your preferences might (and in all likelihood will) change over time. For me, 'perfect tone' is what works well right now for my immediate purposes, not some holy grail or panacea for everything I'll ever need to do.

So I guess you could say that finding perfect tone is an intangible concept since what's perfect for you now isn't the same as what was perfect for you three years ago.
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i havent found mine yet and i hopefully will once i buy a 6505 and a dual rectifier. To complete the sound i want i will probably also need a LTD EC-1000 and a TC electronics g major. That is what my ideal sound would be comprised of.

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I have an idea of what my perfect tone is, I have no way of achieving it yet.

As for my perfect guitar. I was significantly surprised at how comfortable the ESP thin U neck was. And my Edwards has that neck shape so I'm happy there.
I picked up a high-end jackson at a german guitar store, plugged it into a JVM and was blown away, that's what I want, that's my tone. Also a PRS CU24 through a diezel herbert, now THAT'S expensive.

I don't feel like selling my insides for transplants to get half the money, though, and never will.
Well, it's not my perfect sound, but I found my sound by total accident, actually. o_o *novel ahead*

For my 15th birthday(this year), I decided I needed a new amp, because the Traynor 15-watt I had at the time was a piece of crap whose distortion sounded really tiny and whose clean tones were a little overdriven so they weren't exactly clean. I had settled on this Randall 75-watt tube combo with pretty much perfect cleans that was $400(or so I thought) at the time. Meanwhile, on the day after my birthday(including my Christmas money, since my birthday's two or three weeks after Christmas, and a bit of savings, I had about $300), I get home from school, and Dad told me he'd bought the amp and we were to pick it up by 5. So off we went to buy it. Turns out he picked out the wrong Randall, which was $400 and 75-watt, but solid state and had okay cleans but much better distortion IMO, and the tube I was looking at was $600, and one of the tubes busted the weekend before. Either way, right now I absolutely love the crap out of the disto tone(the leads are meh, but the rhythms sound great IMO), and using a Digitech RP90 multi-FX I've got a clean tone I'm quite happy with.
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probably at least 90% of people here haven't found "their sound" or their perfect guitar. for a lot of guitarists, this will probably never happen. i mean, there are countless professional guitarists that never find their perfect tone, for many reasons.

i found my perfect guitar.....
Honestly I found Duane Allman's tone alla whipping post on my amp then turned the gain and master up and havent moved them since and I doubt I ever will
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HSS Strat, with a '59 bassman. That is my tone. I can't afford the amp though, so I use modelling to get as close as possible
I've got 2 of the grails already.

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one's coming soon...

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I got an SG special faded and I absolutely love it, but i gotta replace my line 6 spider III b4 i can have an even acceptable tone
I honestly, sat down with my amp and pedal board for DAYS and played with all the knobs until I got a sound I like.
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no such thing as a "perfect sound". what's perfect now may seem crap later. your sound is an ever evolving thing (or at least it should be). i've been playing for over 30 years and what sound i used depended on where i was musically at the time. that changed over the years and so did my sound. as far as guitars go that has changed as well. currently i play strats but who knows 10 years down the road it may be something completely different.
I'm still looking for it.

I'm gonna drop 700 on an Agile 7 stringer soon, dreamy guitars.

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I noodled around with the EQ on my Bandit when I got it for about a month. Then I found a really good sound, and I liked it.

I have to tweak it every so often, though, to maintain that sound I like so much.
Idk amp wise or guitar wise...Shape wise for a guitar is Vs RRs or standerd Just love em and I personally think that they are the most comfy shapes.
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