The song doesn't really progress much does it?

Chords don't really change much, rhythm doesn't really change much..

Everything is too consistant for me to like it if i'm honest
It does kind of sound like a KISS song haha, but it is a good start. I would add more variation into the verses, and maybe shorten the pre chorus and the chorus. Maybe that would give you some space to put in a guitar solo or something.

It is pretty nice to see a song like this though, instead of all that crappy generic whatever-core thats always on here. :P
pretty catchy riffs, but not progressive song for sure.

drums sound like from 80's rock bands =D
It's an ok generic rock song, needs more variation though. You could achieve this by adding lead lines and more interesting drums/bass (don't get me wrong, the beat is solid), I also feel the song needs a solo