So im looking for an effects pedal/amp modeler to go with my new Blackstar HT-5. My main thing is for the pedal to have some good amp/cab models.Budget will be about $150 maybe $250 total. I really like the line 6 pod plus and they have em at GC for about $120 used. Is there anything where you can get just like an amp/cab modeler without effects? Id add my own pedals to it later. Or would it be possible to get the line 6 or any other multi effect pedal and run other pedals with it since i think this one can only run one effect at a time. Sort of something like this http://www.guitarcenter.com/DigiTech-RP55-Guitar-Multi-Effects-Pedal-105315444-i1445916.gc but with better amp/cab models, used to own one of these and the models their based on sounded nothing like the real ones.

Edit: Forgot to add, since the Blackstar doesnt have an aux input for my ipod, would it be possible to hook it up to the Floor Pod Plus and go like that or do i have to find a different source for my backing tracks (CD player, computer, etc.)
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