So, I'm living in Switzerland right now.
I'm going back to the Philippines this summer, and I'm planning to buy a really good guitar there and bring it back to my place, since it's way cheaper this way.
I went to two different guitar stores, and asked them, if it'd be a problem, to buy the guitar in the Philippines. I asked them, if there won't be a problem caused by the climatic changes. One of them said, that there won't be a problem, hence some guitars are made of tropical woods. The other one said, that good guitars will probably react to the climatic change, and there's a possibilty, that it'll break.
So, what do you guys think?
I'm pretty helpless at the moment, because I don't really know, what will happen, and I don't feel like buying something, when it breaks, when I bring it back to Switzerland.
it wont break by any means. Guitars are constantly shipped all over the world.

The worst that'll happen is it will have to be re set up. (Intonation, string height, ect.)
so, the tune of the guitar might change?
and the guitar won't get a crack, even if it's so hot in the philippines, and in the winter damn cold in switzerland?
The primary cause of cracking is low humidity, which should not be a problem in the Philippines.

Another possible cause is abrupt temperature changes. Leaving your instrument in a freezing car for hours and then popping into a warm house and starting to play. Best to leave it in the case and let it warm up gradually.
When you arrive, leave the instrument in it's case for a couple of days and let it get used to the increased heat and humidity.
it depends. are you talking about a guitar that was locally built in the philippines?

i've seen a lot of guitars made in indonesia that break here in the u.s. even though they're being kept at around 45%, and i've read about some on agf in the philippines with the same issue. the reason for this is because the wood was seasoned and built at high humidity - like over 70% - so to those guitars, 45% is very dry. and dryness is the leading cause of cracks in guitars.
no, I'm talking about the brand guitars like gibson and so on made in europe or america.

I asked some other friends. one told me, that it'll be a problem. the weather in the philippines is always at the same level. around 30 degree. but if i bring it to switzerland, the weather will be a lot different from the phillipines with the winter and so on.
the other told me, that it won't be a problem, since all the professional musician bring along their own guitar on the tours, means it won't crack. I just need a good case to store it, and that way I can leave it in my room, in the case in switzerland, so that it won't crack.

I'm hoping, that the guitars in the phillipiens are cheaper, which I can bring back to switzerland afterwards.
I'm still thinking about it. any other opinion? still got 1 week left, till I go to the phillippines.
any other opinions?
thanks for the opinions till now, but I still can't decide.