I'm thinking about getting some speakers for my laptop. I'll be using them mainly for listening to music. So if you guys have any suggestions on what I should be looking for let me know. I'd like to spend around $50 but if it's really worth it I'll go up on that.

Groovy. Thanks.
'Creative Labs Inspire 3100 2.1 Channel Speakers'

Those are the speakers I have, £29 so should be about $50, they sound good for the money.
I agree with the 2.1 channels. anything more is overkill for music. Creative has good stuff and I am a fan of Logitech also.
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I have the Logitech X-230 speakers which are the same price as above, I don't think there's much difference in quality and they look very similar.
Ebay. Boston acoustic speakers. < $20

Awesome speakers, cheap 2.1 sound system.


Oh btw we have 3 of those Boston Acoustic sets.
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