Here´s my arrangement of Sonny Rollins "St. Thomas", a very popular tune. I didn´t really make any big experiments with it, as it is a beautiful tune already, so I just made it "easy listening". I hope you like it!

C4C as always, the more you write, the more I write!
St. Thomas.gp4
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Man! Nice work ! I really love it. My dad listen a lot Latin jazz, im from venezuela and this and the salsa listens a lot.

Nice grove bro..

All i have to tell you is you should add more groovy to the bass you know Feel da song : )
im bassit and i play latin jazz so, i know wat i am talking about, i hope you get my point.

Anyway, i like it a lot i give you 9/10 .

Very nice piece
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Classy, is what I can say of this song.

I don't know of this Sonny Rollins fellow, but he seems like an alright guy.
The lead line is so well phrased. I've been trying to learn jazz standard techniques, a few of which you may see in my works. Yet, I've not managed to do it so intuitively as you. I'm not certain if said guitar line is your doing, but I wouldn't find it so hard to believe.

You do good work sir.

I must add that the rhythm section is immaculate as well. That bass has power behind it like no other.

On a final note, I will be lifting some of your techniques. None specifically, because you have a powerhouse combo of dynamic lead tone, rhythm in spades (maintaining a consistent beat while dishing out plenty of fills and nuances), and good songwriting direction.
So basically everything.
I'm actually really shocked, I really enjoyed this song, it was downright amazing. The percussion overall was amazing, very interesting beats you have going on.

Rhythm track was really nice, overall very solid. No complaints there.

The bass was really good, I did feel like (what the guy up there said) it could use a bit more grove. Try adding some more notes, maybe a bit faster. The instrumental bass part could use some work, 113-115 sounded really off and it kinda threw off the whole groove of the whole song.

The lead track was really great, very catchy. There were some parts where the notes sounded sort of off scale, but it's still a great tune.

I didn't have much to say because there really wasn't much wrong with the song at all. Overall I really enjoyed it. Great work!

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