Hey, this song uses 'la Resa Dei Conti', ie. the musical watch theme from the film A Few Dollars More. C4C
06 - Tallero.zip
-first four bars kinda seem just meh to me but still ookay
-bars 5-28 i love. I love the eerie feel you give this part right here. excellent
-chrous is also very well done and executed, nice dark eerie feel
-verse 1 is also very good, its on of those riffs you get stuck in your head and you randomly tap it out
-Few dollars part is okay, kinda weird but hey i like it.
- the beatdown is fairly good, not eye popping but if you were try to make it heavy you could make it heavier there
-THE OUTRO is super epic and i love that too, especially when the arpeggios start to come in!! how ever after bar 106 you really dont need that there but to each his own
8/10 very well done mate.
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