I bought a Schecter C-7 a couple days ago. It's a great guitar, but I can't get used to the seven strings. I also wasn't aware it had active pickups, which I don't like, until i got it. These are the specs:
-7 string
-24 jumbo fret
-Duncan Designed HB-105 active pickups
-mahagony body
-maple neck
-gloss white finish
-black hardware and binding

I'm trying to see what i can get out of it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this guitar. It's in very good shape. I bought it b-stock online. At the most, it has seen 3-4 hours of playing time. I'm putting up pictures on my profile now. I don't know what it's worth honestly but I'd say about $450+ shipping (from Ohio). I will also trade. I would love to get another Schecter but I will consider ESP/LTD, Ibanez, Jackson, and others. I will only trade for guitars that meet these requirements:
-6 string
-no active pickups
-standard shape (no V's, etc.)

Overseas swap for an Ibanez rg 1570 Prestige/ ibanez RG 7620?
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i will also add a PRS SE Custom 22 to my side of the trade if necessary. it is now out of production, it's trans-grey but i think it's more of a dark green. i'd say it's worth about $430. pictures on my profile.