Vintage early 90's Rivera K100 Knucklehead

£1300 or reasonable offer

9/10 cosmetic condition - slight rusting on corners, corrosion on top screws, small amount of paint flaked off near input, slight wear on impedance selector.

Fully working order, studio use only for the last ten years. Comes complete with custom-built full flight case worth £280. Original manual supplied. I also have the footswitch, although this needs to be rewired - I've never had to use it.

Regarded by my amp tech and many others as the best guitar amp ever made. In my opinion it far surpasses the newer Knucklehead models. Very loud indeed. It's been regularly serviced and re-biased. This thing can do everything - glorious cleans with massive headroom (Paul Rivera use to work for Fender), tweeds, modded marshall gains and beyond. The Focus control gives as much girth as you want. Loaded with quad-matched Svetlana el34 power tubes, NOS mulland cv404 in second pre-amp stage, Sovtek 12ax7 in the others.

Photo album here:


Rave reviews here:


Demo's with various guitars on YouTube (not me)


Collection from Birmingham, UK