so on my epi les paul custom, i noticed that just by doing a vibrato with longer nails, the nails make a slight impression on the wood. nothing huge, but if you got really close in light you could see it. just from playing, on most frets there ar scratches from nails or the string and what not. i even pressed down with my finger nail just to test and it made an impression.

is rosewood just a very soft wood? does that mean m rosewood is cheap? or high quality?

i like the feel of it, i was ust never aware that it seeed much softer than ebony and maple (cause ebony feels like rock, and ive never seen maple do that...like fenders just get cool looking dull wear spots of finish that just make the guitar look more bad ass)
No. IIRC Rosewood is very dense. Denser than maple.
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Yes, it's a hard, dense wood, but it doesn't mean you can't leave marks with your nail in it. It's still wood.

The wood Lignum vitae is about twice as hard as rosewood, they even used it as bearings for ship propellers.
High-grade Brazilian rosewood is next to impossible to mark with something as light as a fingernail. On the other hand, the cheap god-knows-what ''rosewood' from southeast Asia is going to be much softer with more open grain and will dent much more easily.

Never confuse the wood used in Epiphones, LTDs, Squiers and other similar guitars with the ''real'' woods used in Gibsons, ESPs, Fenders and so on. Often the only similarity is the colour, if that. Names like rosewood and mahogany don't mean much when there are twenty-odd different trees that can be called mahogany and about fifteen that can be called rosewood.
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