On the blackstar HT-5 there is an "Emulated out and headphones" output witch i'm supposed to record from (Correct?) but when I put even one end of my cable into that recording output, the sound will cut out immediatly on my amp....And my laptop can't register the sound either if i have both sides of the cable connected to my amp and laptop.

So i've tried turning it off, putting the jack plug into the recording output and my laptop, turning it on, waiting, Still no sound....I don't know what to do now (Maybe try headphones)

I have the HT-5H with a home-made (Dad) 2X10 cab and yes the sound does normally come out.
well ya. the emulated out will shut down the speaker out because that's what it's meant to do.
i dunno why your laptop doesnt register.
what program are you using to record
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I'm using audacity to record, but how do I record using my amp and also being able to hear my sound?
I use my ht-5 combo to record, and i use an interface in between the amp and the computer so I can plug headphones into it and hear the sound, you could also get some monitors and plug them into the interface to hear it. Those are the only ways I can think of