that sounds great!! Vocals would go along really well to this!

No flaws from what i can tell, sounds really good!
lol. You didn't have to give me props, but I appreciate it anyway. This song is epic as shit.

I'd like to give a nice big "**** YOU" to all the people who watch this video and give no feedback.

Keep up the good work man!

You, good sir, have not gone over to your friends house after a hard night of drinking to find 2 dudes passed out in the same room both holding their own flaccid cocks in hand, passed out, with porn on the tv.
First couple of seconds and i'm hooked! The snare roll at 0:10 maybe needs a little bit of play around with the EQ and/or compressor. The kick sounds great, and the rest of the kit! The snare just sounds a bit programmed.

The riffs are kick ass, like a heavier Megadeth, love it! The lick at 0:50 is dark and suits the atmosphere of the music well. The Ride bell at 0:56 maybe needs a bit of work too, it doesn't resonate to sound natural enough imo. The solo is just superb, good job on the EQ and playing, and just about everything on it, and the Guitars and Bass altogether.

Overall a very very good job! it definatly sounds professional, so whatever you're using now is working very well! Just keep playing around with the drums, the Snare and Ride bell especially.

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1323289

Edit: Damn man, i'm listening to your other stuff, you're good, really good. The Price of Freedom is just superb, keep up the good work!
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