There's a tab on here for Skynet by The Acacia Strain and I'm stumped.

In the solo, what does the FB mean? From the 9 to 7? It's not in the legend at the bottom, and I usually use Guitar Pro but I had to settle with these written ones.

In the song the note is higher so that just makes me think it's some sort of bend. I can play everything perfectly except for that one note, help!

(I'm going to feel like an idiot probably when I find the answer lol.)
Full bend?
Quote by podT
Full bend?

Hmm I was playing with a full bend and it didn't sound right.

Oh well guess I'll try again later thanks
A full bend reversed, from 9 to 7?
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Its a badly written tab. It sounds like it should be a half bend up, return and then a full bend up with a slow return.

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Hope that helps