Does anyone know? I cannot tell if he's a baritone or a tenor.
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I know he has a Canadian accent but otherwise...

EDIT : I would say a tenor though.
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I would definetly say tenor, even though he can hit those lower notes if he wanted, he's more natural up high.
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Listening to his music he sounds almost somewhere in between. I hear him go lower then a low C, and well higher then the G above middle C. I think he sounds natural with either really, he just sounds effortless when he sings. To me he just has that baritone tone when he sings low, though. Is there a sub-range between the two like there is bass-baritone??

I'm asking just because I'm curious, and being a baritone it gives me confidence knowing I'm not limited by my range. I would of guessed that John Mayer was a tenor for sure hearing his music, but I guess he's a baritone and he like to go high a lot.

And Dream Floyd that really isn't breaking news to me.. I'm Canadian and of French descent as well, so I probably have the same or similar accent.
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wtf is a selfie? is that like, touching yourself or something?
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