"you make my tongue loose" she makes my writing obsessive and terrible ):

we spoke on the phone for exactly 45 minutes and 35 seconds
about nothing, you were sick and tired - you coughed, a lot. and wanted to go to sleep
i was drunk - i made you stay up, i moaned like a baby.
and i haven't heard from you since, but we briefly spoke yesterday
i was in another one of my bipolar hysteria states, so no more then a few words.
you wanted to go, again i made you stay, but then i was the one to leave. asshole.

it's coming and going and coming and going again, it's all we do.
and repeating the years, the feelings, the touches again, it's all we do.

my phone vibrates and my heart aches, when it isn't you.
you flash in my mind for a second, my stomach sinks.
how is this happening all over again?
i've been here with you before, it hurt the last time
and it's kicking me a lot harder this time.

still it feels nice, just to feel.
I think the last line of the first stanza could be changed. it's a bit ambiguous.
Otherwise, i like this. i like your style in general.