Ok, so my dad is talking about redoing his storage building, and is talking about basically making it a tool area. So what all do you recommend for guitar building? Just some basics, and preferably fairly affordable since I'll probably have to buy anything he isn't planning on, which I'm not to sure what he's planning on.

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Screwdriver, drill, sander, router, saw, ruler, pencil, maybe. These are standard. More advanced would be fret pullers, those things that measure the radius of your fretboard. Wait for someone smarter than me for more. Oh might want to have some wood putty, wood glue, and some spare wood lying around just incase
Ha, ok, thanks man... And I've been trying to figure out the best way to do the neck contour/fretboard radius/frets.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
This might help as well

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