The Story: I've had my Epiphone Blues Custom 30 for a while now. It's been my first tube amp. It's been good to me, but it was time to part. Why? It was heavy as hell, it didn't like some of my pedals (noisy) and there was this strange problem with the volume knob where it had sudden "jumps" in volume rather than smooth transitions.

So, I shopped around, and found Traynor amps. Damn these things are good. I found one at Guitar Center for $500. Pretty good price, and it was in fantastic condition. Now, to deal with the BC 30, I had to do something with it. I wasn't willing to change tubes or speakers or anything, so I no longer had a desire to keep it. I tried ebay and CList, but no buyers. I didn't want to sell to GC because they tend to short you on these things. However, I got one of those "trade-in trade-up" coupons in the mail, and it was usable for used gear. So I gave it a shot anyway. They gave me $225 for the amp, and with the coupon I saved $75 off the Traynor. Considering I bought the BC 30 for $350 used, I didn't end up so bad. I only ended up paying $200 + tax for the Traynor, and I was good to go.

Now for the Traynor YCS90

Initial Thought: Yup Yup, She's pretty. The amp comes with a British-inspired sound engine with three 12AX7A preamp tubes and two 5881 power tubes. The rectifier is solid state. The tonal shaping ability of the amp has been well thought out while all the all EQ controls are smooth, responsive, and shift well to the ear through their tonal stack frequencies. However, making channel 1 the Overdrive and channel 2 the cleans did have me confused for a minute.

The clean sounds were clear, spanky, and very touch-responsive. From jazzy, mellow, dark tones to ample midrange and twangy Tele-inspired country licks, the amp was there. It features a standard brightness switch and a neat Expander switch, which adds nice bottom end and shimmering highs. This is a must-have-on. I also like the USA/Brit switch that changes the location of the tone stack in the signal chain. Like classic American amps from the past, it puts the Gain control after the tone controls for that LOUD clean sound, while the Brit mode moves the Gain control to the front end, before the tone stage, to get break-up and distortion early when the volume is turned up. The reverb has a nice vintage-inspired wash to it without sounding harsh and metallic. (Strange note, the Master Volume also has an effect on the reverb. Turn the Master up, and the reverb becomes more prominent and you can get those wet surf tones). Even adding to the flexibility is the optional "Presence and Resonance" knobs. If you choose to use them, Presence can add even MORE high-end sparkle, and the resonance can be used to tighten or loosen up the bottom-end on the amp.

It also has an effects loop, a direct line out, and direct output jacks for speakers (8 and 4 ohms only) this amp really has the musician in mind. These seem to fly under the radar of most musicians but they are quality products. If you have a chance, give them a try. You may not love it, but you will be pleasantly surprised.
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HNAD!!! I was actually looking into the YCS50 looks great anyways congrats on the new amp
You can never go wrong with a YCV or YCS.

HNAD, it's a beaut.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

thanks for all the well wishes guys. I'm done buying amps for now. I need a good Wah pedal (the Vox just isn't cutting it for me). That's what I'm going for next.
That thing's a looker for sure. And Traynors definitely compete with higher priced amps as far as tone is concerned. HNAD.

As for a wah, Teese makes my favorite. I went through several before settling with them, including stuff like the Budda Bud Wah and Fulltone Clyde Deluxe.
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YCS90 combo......holy crap

nice score

how heavy can she get?

It is by no means an ultra Hi-Gain amp, but it does a surprisingly good job of getting modern and classic Iron Maiden tones out of it. I tried dialing in tones for Aces High and The Mercenary (from Brave New World) and they sounded spot on. The Boost switch (which is more a gain boost than a volume boost) really helps when looking for heavier stuff. I'm not really a hi-gain player (although it is a TON of fun to play Iron Maiden stuff) so I'm not qualified to say how this amp compares to the popular ones like Mesa, Krank, Diezel, etc.... but it definitely is a quality piece of equipment.

It's my new main amp and I have my HR Deville as a backup.