Last night after tuning my guitar I noticed that my low E string has developed from fret buzz.

I've never dealt with it before but I *think* I can hear it coming from the nut, but I'm not 100% positive. It's pretty bad and it wasn't happening before I tuned it up.

How do I approach this?
Raise the action.

If you have a Strat type guitar, you'll need to insert a SMALL-AS* screwdriver into the holes where the strings come up from the body and turn til' the string comes away from the neck, but not enough that it gets slack.

If you have a Gibson-type guitar, you have two get a flat-edge screwdriver and turn one of the ends to heighten the distance between the strings and the neck.

That's the gist.
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Don't fiddle with the action until you know the issue.

Trying to guess where the buzz is coming from using your ear is nearly impossible.

Fret down the scale and listen if the buzz disappears or not. If it does, then tune the string higher and listen again for the buzz.

Get back to us. This will narrow the range of possibilities.
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Raise the action.

Before locating the buzz and checking the neck? No need to be so rash.
I had buzz all the way down the neck when tuned to E.

I tuned up to G and got buzz from 3 - end.