I was looking at my Ibanez 520, I see that when the toggle is set to middle, it turns on the middle two pickup coils, basically grounding out the outside pickups nearest the neck and bridge. I have received two different answers as to if this wiring is standard. for this Ibanez...any ideas or knowledge on the subject? Second question, if I were to wire it so the pick-up closest to the neck were wired solo what would be the best way to wire the bridge humbucker: both hot, nearest the bridge, or the one farthest from the fridge? With the thick and heavy mahogany body, it has build in warmth and sustain, (not as warm as a Strat with single coils, but beats it in sustain, but wondering if the "Strat" sound single coil sound is achievable). I play mostly rhythm guitar...blues and classic rock. Any and all thoughts are welcome.
I set it up with both humbuckers fully on (all 4)....too muddy. I believe that the original setting by Ibanez is for the two middle coils to be hot while the two outer coils are off (or grounded). I'm trying to verify this for question #1. The other question is for anyone who has tried these kind of adjustments, if they have ever wired it to the coil nearest the neck is hot and the coil second up from the bridge is hot (closest to the bridge is off) what that sounds like.
I like the sound I get with the toggle switch either on the neck only or bridge only setting...it is the middle setting that employs both the humbuckers in some configuration that I'm trying to adjust...it is either too muddy or tinney .
What exact year and model is your guitar ? I might be able to help you out depending on the pick ups that are in there now to re-wire them for the sound you are looking for.
The standard factory wiring for this guitar when the toggle is set in the middle is the two inner coils are hot...the outer two (closest to the neck and bridge) are not active. I have two questions. 1. Any ideas what would happen to the tone if I left the bridge coil like stock, but made the coil closest to the neck hot, the inner coil off. 2. Has anyone every changed the controls to have two tones and one master volume (like fender does it) except there are two humbuckers vs 3 single coil.