I'm newish to keyboards and midi-controllers and I was just curious if I bought a midi-controller, would I be able to record things with it using patches and stuff? Like just record straight into my computer. I don't really know how setting up the patches works either so if someone could explain if it will work and how I'd go for patching as well, it'd be much appreciated.
It depends which program you're using to record. A lot of them such as Logic, Garageband, and Ableton all have a bunch of preset instrument lists. I use a digital piano that has midi input/output but it doesn't have any instruments onboard that work with midi. All I use are the instruments in Garageband as well as FM8 and Absynth (both Native Instruments programs). So yes, you will be able to record right into your computer if it's into a program that has some preset instruments. Hope it answered your question.
Yeah thanks It helped a lot.(By the way Styx is amazing! That's where I got my user name.)

So if I had one of those programs, I'd be able to just select a instrument setting in it and play the midi-controller and have it record what I'm playing with the effect that I selected?
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exactly. I plug my piano into my computer via midi and I open Garageband (mac only) and there are a bunch of pianos, organs, guitars, basses, strings, and synths for me to use. They all work with the digital piano and since it's weighted it gives a very realistic feel for the piano sounds and it lets you control some aspects of the synths as well. Styx is definitely awesome they put on a great live show! Them and Muse are two of my favorite bands.

Also: Most midi controllers hook up to computers via USB so you won't have to spend like 80 bucks on a midi USB interface like I did lol