C4C - Promise =)

Tell me what you think, its me playing piano and guitar about a year ago. Love the sound of it, never did anything else with it.


EDIT: I recorded it with a laptops built in microphone 1 year ago, it of course could use better quality and all that business.. But it sounds good nonetheless.. I forgot how to even play the piano part haha.. But its so simple anyways

EDIT2: This was also back in the day when I liked to play with different tunings - the tuning I used was D A D A D D - Hope you enjoy
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Great buildup! I could easily see this being fully orchestrated! Great, simple but effective melodies, rhythms and harmonies!

I'd love to hear more like this
This is excellent. Would be awesome to hear it with lyrics and a full band :P I can even see it being the intro of something in the metal genre (not the entire thing of course but the beginning), it's really ****ing good. Sound is great, harmonies and leads are great, piano is simple but it gives it that little extra to emphasize the mood in a way. Keep it up =D

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This is really awesome. Get some bass on this! Would sound sick with some like female background vocals that are not in English (not that it matters, but it's just kind of how I pictured it ). Great work. Actually has some pretty good quality for a laptop mic.