Hey I've been playing guitar for approximately 3 years, 2 and a half of which was spent purely on playing music from jerry c, john petrucci etc. Then I saw the light when I saw a guitarist by the name of LonLonJp play and I was stunned by the unplugged, fingerpicking, natural brilliance ...

I then decided to add fingerpicking to my tool kit of skills...
While playing music mainly music from video games , I keep on making mistakes and it sounds really choppy on some quick changes. An example is this...
(first number is string, second number is fret)

1) 4-7 + 1-7, 3-5 + 1-5, 3-2 + 1-3 I can play it but it doesn't sound smooth these are played as 8th notes on 88bpm

2) 6-8 + 1-7, 1-8 + 3-0, 1-7 + 4-10... I can play the first two notes but I always seem to miss the third because my pink automatically straightens on the first joint (not knuckle joint) and as a result the e string is blocked and the d string is not depressed enough to make a sound...

I tried playing each individual piece slowly and then went back to normal speed and it both parts were still choppy.

Also i have a problem with playing pieces with no mistakes whenever I play a piece i always end up making a small mistake at random spots then I have to restart my recording and its really annoying taking up to 10 tries just to get it with no mistakes.

How can I improve my overall playing? Can anyone suggest exercises or advice that I can practice to play with less mistakes and also play songs smoothly (such as shifting into positions quick enough to make the melody sound smooth).

I also noticed how my ring finger for both hands locks up on the first joint (not knuckle joint) and its really annoying, is there anything that I can do?
Sorry for the problematic essay I just wanted to make sure my problem was expressed clearly, If I confused anyone ask and I'll try to explain better~ Thanks!~

Oh btw I play my songs on an electric, so I can't really assume a classical position, because I can't afford a decent acoustic at the moment, I do indeed have a $80 acoustic but the strings are impossible to press down on and it sounds horrible x.x"
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Definitely practice with a metronome too and focus on filling the beat (i.e. no choppiness). If you practice with all the tempo fluctuations and choppy sound then you'll get used to it it will become very hard to fix.
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