Should I tell my girlfriend that it looks like she's lost weight?

If she was dieting, then I would for sure. But she's not actively trying to lose weight right now.

Now, I think she might take it as a compliment. Or she could take it to mean that I want her to continue losing weight, or that she was fat before she lost that weight. Which would not bode well for me.

I often tell her that she doesn't need to lose weight (slight lie, she could lose 20 pounds if she wanted, although I don't care). But by complimenting her about losing weight, would that compromise everything I've told her thus far?

I'm in a bit of a pickle here. Hmm...
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Don't. Unless it gets medically problematic.


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Maybe, post a picture of her so we an make an eduated guess.


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Generally, commenting on the weight of a girl is a bad idea. If there's any doubt if she'll take it in a bad way, don't bother.

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Just say, "damn you look good"

This works.
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Do you normally obsess this much over things you say to your girlfriend?
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just mention that's she looks good. it all depends on how you want to say it, really. But a compliment is never a bad thing. For all you know, she could be dieting without flaunting(poor word to choose...having brain fart) it and just hoping someone notices.
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NEVER talk to a girl about her weight, dieting, diet soda or anything. It'll never turn out well.

Just tell her that she looks great. If she's been trying to lose weight without you knowing she'l feel great for accomplishing her goals even if you didn't know them. If not,well she'll feel great for you complimenting her and may repay thefavor ; )
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Do you normally obsess this much over things you say to your girlfriend?

I have a bad track record with things concerning weight. So for this specific topic, yes, I'm being pretty careful

For any other topic at all, no.
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Also, relationship thread.

But I'll give out some free life advice: If you question whether or not you should say something, don't.
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