Ok so I just got a bugera 333xl combo yesterday and I want to know how to break in the speakers. Any other tips appreciated as well.
Speakers break in after a decent period (a month) of playing the amp at decently loud volumes...

If you want to accelerate the process a little, crank your amp high and play it for at least fifteen minutes.
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just playing the speaker will break it in. i find quicker results when playing an amp that has wattage output near the speaker rating. for example i broke in a celestion blue with my TT, i broke a Heritage G12H-30 with my THD. i usually play these amps for about 10 to 12 hours over a couple days, by then you have plenty of break in imo. other sites recommend using oscilloscopes for about 20 or so hours.

i also usually don't hook a brand new, out the box speaker to an amp and turn it straight to 10 either, i usually play at fairly low volume for a 15 minute or so and gradually turn the volume up more. i do this more so that it works a range of excursion at start up more than worrying about 'hurting' anything, so that makes it less than critical.
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Some speakers take a while to break in and some don't. The answer in any case is play, play, play - and after an hour or three - turn that sucka UP!
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some people say that its done after 50 hours of bedroom volumes or 30 hours of giggin or something like that... just play it and one day youll realize it sounds better.