Im 16 so im still pretty young and don't know anything about this subject, but I'm thinking about trying Salvia, with one of my friends, I want to start doing Mushrooms or LSD if i like the whole feeling still. (Salvia makes it seems like you lose your control while on it). Well I was wondering if LSD and Mushrooms are as ridiculous as salvia, or can you still talk, and control yourself like normal? I was wondering if it is more like not sleeping for a week and having mild hallucinations or like salvia and having no idea whats going on?
Sorry if I'm hard to understand, Thanks in advance.
I have absolutely no experience with psychedelics, so don't take my word for it, but I've always been under the impression that mushrooms are a better place to start then salvia.

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how about you keep your regular view of reality and conciousness? sounds like a better idea to me
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Drug thread.

But id start with a hit of acid or a half cut of shrooms. it also depends on the strength of the salvia extract
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honestly, I'm a fairly casual stoner... but I'd have to agree with Mr Bassman. Seeking alternate states of mind is great and all, but don't take things too far, young one.
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