Ok pit I just got a classical guitar yesterday . I have been playing classical songs on my strat for awhile now, but now i have the real thing, But what I need is suggestions for songs to learn. I also want suggestions for metal i like metallica & megadeth. Below is a list of songs i already know

Beethovens 5th Symphony
Moonlight Sonata
Fur Elise

As you can see i'm a big Beethoven fan, i also recently heard Paganini for my first time, suggestions of him would be good. thanks to all
If you don't mind tuning to drop A:
Beneath Eternal Oceans of Sand - Nile
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Enter Sandman lololololololol

ummm maybe google classical music?
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Buree in E Minor.
that one that's like
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in that tenacious D song.
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Dude, learn Classical Gas by Mason Williams. Shit will change your life.
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You have a classical guitar and a strat? You're not equipped for thrash metal.

For the classical, try this.
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