My Wylde Wah pedal has been broke for almost a year now. I bought it last August at guitar center, and it sounds wicked, the only problem is shortly after it just broke mid use. I turned it on, and it just didn't wah, it sounds like it's on the heel back position. I took the back off and i did take pictures that i planned to post with this, but they won't upload on here. Does anybody else have/had this problem before? How can i fix it?

p.s. i did bring it to a guitar shop and they had it for 7 months and i called frequiently and they said they were waiting on a piece, but i have no clue what that piece is or where i can get them, nothing appears to be missing on the inside.
this is a do it yourself fix if you have the patience.

there is a Wah fix up thread I believe in GBnC forum if not in GGnA. Find that and I bet you can answer you own question. Sorry I don't have the direct answer you need bumpy.