ok so like, i have this old guitar, its called a Dean Vendetta, it was like 100 bucks its cheap. but what i want to do is paint it or like put a custom design on it. some of my friends have volenteered to do so. but i want to know is.. well.. how do we go about doing this? ive come across ideas like using sharpies, to nail polish, to spray paint, to like watercolor paint. i just dont know what to do, so im asking UGers lol. does anyone have ideas???
Vendettas arent old, i still have one. And all of those ideas sound like they's ruin the actual finish
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if you want to paint it
i think the biggest part is the sanding make sure all the paint is off and go very high grit
on your sand paper and dont cheap out
look up some vids on youtube many good meathods
theres an ultimate painting and refinishing thread, use the searchbar.
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