I'm looking to pick up a new electric, preferably around $500. Im in a band currently (developing stages) that is metalcore (Think august burns red), but Im working on starting up a project for some Mars Volta/Circa Survive/As Cities Burn style progressive or indie rock.

My question is, is there a guitar that can do it all? Im more or less going used. I was almost ready to buy this used ESP LTD EC-1000 deluxe (with case, strap, straplocks) for $500, but I know that's a strictly metal guitar. I have always wanted a telecaster, and i know itd suit my progressive/indie side, but not metal. I hear that if I throw a hot coil in it, then its useable for metal, but im not sure.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.
You could look for a Telecaster with humbuckers in it. (Granted they have moderate output) That would handle metal a bit better. Or you could look around at some Les Pauls. Epiphone makes some decent LP's around that price range.
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You could get a strat or tele, or les paul and keep the neck pickups stock (low or medium output) and use something hotter for the bridge so you have everything in one guitar. Most of your ESP/LTD like that is strictly metal. Maybe Ibanez would be a good choice with stock stuff too, HSH config, locking trem or fixed bridge.. 24 frets...
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You could try to get an HSS guitar, the humbucker would deal with the metal sound you're looking for, and the single coils would nail everything else.
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Its more so the amp that will give you the versatile sound, a guitar helps, but you just need a versatile amp. If a new guitar is a must, try finding something with coil tapping, some Schecters offer this. It'll make your humbuckers *which would be more for metal* emulate the sound of single coils *which will give you more of an indie sound*
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Give that a look, it has duncan designed humbuckers, which can give you metal sounds, and it can coil tap, its 50$ above your 500$ request though. I have a C-1 Classic, so its a tad different, but Schecters are built solid, great sounding and such. I have played C-1's in stores before they had coil tapping, and thought they sounded good, their neck isnt ultra thin like an ibanez, but it feels great to me. Definitely worth a check
Schecter C-1 Classic in Seethru blue <333
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely check one out when I go browsing!

Also, how about this PRS? I know my local shop has some of them, and I do love PRS. It's a bit above my price range but thats what bargaining is for. Thoughts?

the guitar wont effect your tone as much as the amp, the EC 1000 would have been fine almost 80% of your tone is your amp, and honestly crate tube amps are good, they arent the best by any means but if it works for metal and indie thats where all your tone will come from, no guitar is a 1 trick pony either, thats why the have the uncommonly used tone knob
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Try out the EC-1000 with the Duncans in it (the Amber Sunburst). Might suit you.

The one i was going to buy was used, but in great shape. It was the black cherry one, and came with a case, strap, straplocks, and I was going to offer $500 as he was asking $600, but he was wanting offers so. That's also why it's so tempting, because it's so cheap.