I'm a beginning guitarist and all I've got right now are a Fender Frontman 15G and a Squier Strat. I really quite dislike the sound of the frontman, and I can't tell if the pups on the strat are crap too because the amp sounds so bad. My question is though: Would I be better suited to get a new guitar, or a new amp? I can't really play much but my ultimate goal is to be able to play Modest Mouse, Broken Social Scene, Grizzly Bear, Joanna Newsom, Wilco, Woods, etc on guitar, with a little bit of old folk/classic rock (think Neil Young, Jackson Browne, CSNY and The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, Clapton), Surf Rock (Beach Boys, modern Surf Rock too).

My problem comes from I really like power metal (Iron Maiden, Kamelot, Dragonforce really) and 80's thrash (Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica).

So I'm at a crossroads here. I was looking at getting an Old Mesa tube combo off of ebay. Maybe something like a Son Of Boogie, and I'm pretty sure a Mesa would be a great amp for the kind of stuff I want to play. Do I need the amp more than a new guitar?
In terms of guitars, I was looking at getting either a MIA Strat, or Nashville Tele(3 pickup tele), Fender Jaguar, or Jazzmaster, and then maybe putting in a bucker on either the tele or the jag. I'm pretty sure the guitarists for modest mouse extensively use a jag, and it, along with the tele, have the indie/surf twang i'm going for (I think. I could be mistaken), and with a bucker, get rid of some of the hum, and maybe allow me to play some metal.

tl;dr: I have a fender frontman 15g and a squier strat. What should I upgrade? If the guitar, is a tele or jaguar a good choice for indie/surf/classic rock and, will it be able to keep up with thrash? If not, what is a choice that will accomplish that?

edit: also definitely not opposed to buying used.
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amp first then guitar

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Power metal? Check out Galneryus, I implore you to do so.

Also, you could look at some classic sounding amps (Peavey Classic 30 or 50) and put a distortion pedal in front when you need it for metal. That's what I plan on doing when I raise the money to upgrade my amp.

After the amp, I'd say get a tele with a single coil in the neck and a bucker in the bridge. And possibly a normal hardtail bridge and not the usual tele bridge that's a bitch to intonate. If it exists I'm not well read on fenders.
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