If you know them, I'm trying really hard to find bands very similar to the last 3 albums, The Eerie cold, Halmstad and Klagospalmer.

For those who don't know the band, this track is from IV:

Looking at the whole Depressive black metal genre, it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not sure if shining are that unique when it comes to the style they play in the genre they are in, so I'm wondering if any of you know bands that are quite equal or similar in sound.

I'm aware of bands along the likes of Opeth, Enslaved, all those progressive bands that make up other sub-genres also. I think it's the random acoustic fills after an onslaught of black metal guitar which attracts me so much.
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i am your bestfriend here.

Svart (Sweden)
Forgotten Tomb (Negative Megalomania)
Den Saakaldte
Pensees Nocturnes
Skitliv (not so much though)

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Ikuinen Kaamos
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Rec thread at the top of the page, next time please.

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Ikuinen Kaamos


Severedit: Also, how is there no mention of Xasthur or Nostalgie. Fools.

Severeditit: Also Sui Caedere.

But use the rec thread at the top of the page next time, thanks.
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