So I finished a recording today, My vocals are a tiny bit shaky in some parts.
Check it out! c4c as always.
It's on my profile, called Where Do We Go From Here
I really like the acoustic playing. The chords are very "open sounding", and add alot to the song. Gotta say, the scoop was awesome in the vocals leading to the first chorus. However, this song doesn't really have a chorus that just reaches out with both hands and grabs you, if you get my meaning.

The song flows very well, so this isn't so much a recommendation on this one in particular, but listening to your other songs, that is definately someting you could work on. Ways to make a chorus stand out would be to add in vocal harmonies, new instrumentation, or changing dynamic levels. Just some food for thought.

Nice job on the bongos


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It sounds good, I'm jelous at all the guys who get better acoustics than me, DI'ing and acoustic sucks the life out of it

Anyway, it sounds good, like other have said, you need to get more confident with your vocals, I like where the song is going.

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cool man. nice to hear something acoustic here. i liked this. good lyrics. and true lyrics. where do we go from here. sweet child has that in the bridge though. but you took it all in a differant direction. cool tune. i liked youre singing. almost pop-ish sounding. good stuff. i look foreward to hearing more.

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