Calling All of the Pit'6 s Guitar Players Voting Thread (Advanced Tier)

Poll: Which cover did you like best?
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stratdud39- Your Life's Retribution (Athiest)
3 11%
Random3- Aesthetics of Hate (Machine Head)
25 89%
Voters: 28.

i loved stratduds but Random3 executed perfectly.

also i have achieved voting and posting first in every calling all threads (voting threads)

People in the pit take my post way too seriously.

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Oh yeah the playing was pretty good too.

Ok wait... just watched the other one... holy shit.

Voting Random3!


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Oh hell, those were due?!

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Oh hell, those were due?!


Maybe you should sticky the thread next time.
Both were really good, but I have to go with Random3.

I gotta mention this though, Stratdud, you really need to loosen up on your tapping.
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Stratduds was more technical, but Random performed it better. I decided to vote Stratdud because it's very close and Random had more votes, and the results should be alot closer than they are.

EDIT: Stratdud did look unbelievably tense with his solo playing though.

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