Okay, I need some peoples opinions on this multi-effects unit. One of the stores that I buy from has one in stock for around $299. I need a good effects processor, and found this one. I've did some minor research on it, (AKA, Youtube) and it seems to be a pretty good unit. What I'm really afriad of is the fact that it'll get confusing. I don't plan on hooking it to my computer, or anything like that.

What my real question(s) are:

A: Is this thing any good? I know Line 6's POD series is pretty good.

B: Is it rather confusing?

C: is it worth the money?

I have no experience with the pedal, myself. So I was hoping someone on here might be able to help me, and give me their advice/opinion on the unit.

Thanks you anyone that can help.
A: Yes.
B: All multi-fx units are relatively confusing because they’re all designed by morons. Just learn to set presets and live with them.
C: It’s a lot cheaper than buying a couple dozen effects pedals and then having to spend more money on cables, power blocks, etc.
Okay. Like I said, I might be getting it if I can get to the music store before they sell it. It's used but I've seen it, and it looks to be in new condition. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, though.

I have a cheap multi-effects pedal, so I know the basics of a multi-effects pedal. But yeah, I was going to try to build a pedal collection, but it's to much money. Money that I don't have at the moment. The only reason I have a chance to get this is because I'm trading one of my guitars for it..

But I'm a little confused on being able to hook it up to your computer. Do you have to download additional effects, or is it just for playing over your computer speakers? Sorry if this is a noob question, but I'm new to the Line 6 pedals.
You can hook the Line6 POD's up to your computer for several reasons.

You can use it as an ASIO device and record direct to your pc with it.
You can hook it up to update the firmware and download model packs to your pc which add more amp and effect models.
You can hook it up to the computer for easier editing of patches. You get a visual representation of all the pedals and amps that you have enabled on each preset that way.

Just to name a few.

Quote by jpnyc
B: All multi-fx units are relatively confusing because they’re all designed by morons.

This is a pretty stupid thing to say. They are designed in most part to give you full control of all the parameters of each effect, amp, eq, and pre and post stages on the units, which can all get a little confusing. Its not the designer who is the moron its the person who doesn't take time to learn the unit.
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I figured that's what you could do with it. Which is really cool, but I'm not sure if this one comes with an USB hookup. So yeah.

But yeah, like you said, it's the morons that don't take time to learn how to use it, and don't read the intructions manual. But if it's this good of a pedal, I'm going to get it. I mean, for $299, you can't beat it.
I have the xt live, for that price you´d better jump on it, it has everything you´ll ever need and don´t need, it does have a usb for direct hook up to pc. I use it for every gig. Well worth the money.
Quote by fly135
If that's *new* then the price is ok. Used should be around $200.

It's very slightly used. Basicly brand new. But yeah, I probably won't be using the wah effect unless I like it more than my Dunlop Crybaby. Is the wah effect on this guitar any better than the Original Crybaby's wah? Or can you set it to how much wah you want?