so i have a cheap epiphone SG 310. Whenever i pick the majority of the strings, the retainer wire on the tune-o-matic starts buzzing. It doesn't come through my amp but it gets annoying as i usually play unplugged, anyone know of any fixes? or if i can just like, rip out the wire? haha
ahh, so i tried strumming again with the wire out but it seems as though the noise is coming from the intonation screws themselves. they're a tad loose, anyone know of a fix for that?
This is happening on my LTD 256FX the noise doesn't come through the amp either but it is annoying, The only fix i can think of is maybe blutack? I haven't tried it cause i'm lazy but I've been thinking about just replacing the bridge with somethng cheap anyway
Get some needle nose pliers and bend the retainer spring (after you have removed it) Bend it so that it puts more pressure on the saddle screws. This should help your rattling. Do not take it off and leave it off or your saddles will fall out on your next string change.
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