Every song I listen to that has a capo in it seems to sound slightly higher-pitched than it should (less than a half step).

Has anyone else noticed this?

I can't seem to emulate this with my own capo. My only solution is to tune my whole guitar slightly upwards in pitch to get the same sound as the song (for example, "Here Comes the Sun", or "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away").
when you capo your guitar is it right up against the fret your trying to capo
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yeah capos usually put more pressure on the string than needed so its bending the string a bit and brings it out of tune you might notice it but most people wont
If you have a capo that is held on by a screw, tighten it. If you have one that uses a spring, just tighten your strings.
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It means the capo isn't up against the fret which causes more tension on the strings.
Also keep in mind that a lot of songs from those days were sped up or slowed down and many times it was not accurate to any specific pitch. One that comes to mind is "Across the Universe."
Oh yeah.

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