Apart from the name what exactly is different between the two? im lookin at gettin one in a combo amps

ive heard that the 6262 has less gain then the 6260, if so, it is it a noticeable amount of gain loos or barely noticeable?

also, do they have a line-out or headphone input on them?
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yes the 6262 has less gain than the 6260, however they have the same usuable amount. That is you will not be able to tell a difference when you have the gain at where you'd like it to be.

As far as a headphone jack goes im not entirely sure however since they have an effects loop you could use a conversion jack from the loop send and use your headphones like that

I heard that they sound pretty good at lower volumes though so i don't see how you would need a headphone jack...
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can't speak to the headphone thing....

my guess is no!

No headphones!

The 6262 had the addition of EQ ability on both channels as opposed to a shared EQ. I'd say it is worth it to get a 6262. Make sure you get a new one and not an old one (like '08).

Also read the blog by BeerChurch.

look at used amps too....what kind of music do you play and what is your closest city?
they have the obvious differences you can see in front of it, channel dedicated EQ, reverb and presence. The 6262, as mentioned has less gain. But dude, its still got a ton of gain. I play metallica and megadeth eg. and my gain is at 5 atm... srsly, no matter what you play, you dont really have to turn the gain on the lead channel over 7 or so... or mebe, but you ave to try it.

The 6262 also has a wonderful clean channel that the 60 doesnt.

I have the 6262 head, and its great. Good cleans, good distortion. What else?
thnx for the info guys,

shame they dont have a headphone or line-out plug (gonna make recording a bit harder) i play mostly at night and i dont wanna keep everyone else in the house up by my playing lol, thats kinda why i needed the headphone plug

but i'll still buy one :P
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If anything, having slightly less gain is a GOOD thing in my opinion. Less potential to muddy up your tone.

I say this every time and I seem to be the only person who feels this way, but I've tried both the 6262 and 333xl, and the 333 (even without the 'xl') sounds LEAGUES better than the 6262 for EVERY genre. The 6262/0 is just muddy and gritty.. in a bad way. The 333 is smooth and chunky and heavy and ballsy.
For a minor price increase I highly suggest the 333 or 333xl instead.
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