What I mean by this question do you keep upgrading, that is always buying something better then the last, or do you just go into a shop "Meh I like this" and just take whatever the hell you want even tho it's not an upgrade from your last guitar? Just wondering.
im in a local music store atleast once every two days, so ill pickup whatever they just got in. and the guys there know me well enough that they bring me certian things that they know i like. and usually if im gonna buy a guitar ill know the second i play it, you know what i mean? theres just a kind of feeling to it...so even if it is a downgrade its still different and nice and for atleast a day or soo its the best thing in the world
how it feels and tone, there`s probably one or two guitars that i would like but i don`t bother with guitars below 1500 pound.
Me personally, I try to always upgrade from my last guitar or I'll buy a new guitar to better suit a purpose. There's always a better guitar out there and I hope to someday have a collection of guitars, so there's never a time when I don't want a new guitar. As time goes on, I get better at playing, so I buy better guitars to match.

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It doesn't really matter what I buy since it will end up being modded.
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When I see a good deal I jump on it, especially if i can make money off of it.
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For me it's got to be an upgrade, since I only have one guitar atm.

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Go through a bad spurt of GAS and you should figure it out in no time. 'That's only $50?! Shit Ima buy it!" That got me a nice no name semi-correct headstock strat copy haha and a $40 danelectro U1 (reproduction) albeit, with a warped neck, but that's fine, I rock it jack white style.
if i see something i like i try it out. if i like the look feel and sound of it i buy it. simple! doesnt really have to be an upgrade as long as it feels and sounds good.
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The only guitar I would buy sight unseen would be a mint Schecter C-1 Classic Trans Blue. The model with the vine inlays on the fretboard. Having the money to buy it is another question.
I see something that looks pretty, I check to make sure it's not falling apart and so long as it isn't, I buy it. That's pretty much it for me.
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i have several guitars so i try to make it that it does something that my current guitars don't. or else i see it and like it, and then try to justify that it'll do something that my current guitars don't. lol.
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I don't really care how much it is. As long as it feels awesome, sounds killler and looks bitchin'. I always try to get a better guitar. I like my new Kramer Pacer Classic and that only cost me £250. it meets all of my requirements that i need.
I usually go in kinda knowing what I want, try out a few in a good price range (anywhere from $600-$1200), and end up deciding what one I want within an half an hour or so.

Then I go home and order from the internet, since every music store I've ever been in is at least 500 miles from my house. Usually much farther.
I dont always upgrade i already had a gibson and i got a fender because they have different sounds
but usually i just look around on youtube finding nice guitars then checking specs and stuff and what genre they are used for then price then i go try it out if i have enough money for it.
I've been upgrading and changing my setup like every 3-6 months over the last few years in order to figure out what I really like the best. I am finally happy with my SG and don't plan on getting anymore guitars any time soon. But I will most likely be changing amps again soon, I really want some kind of JCM.
~Can I afford another one?
~Does it have a decently thick neck?
~How does it sound?
~Does it seem like it'll fall apart soon?
~Can it get me a different sound than what I currently have?(This is a big one. I'm a stickler for both tone and being able to get something different, but still being able to come close enough to what I had before to stay recognizable sonically)
~Can I afford this particular one?
~Will I regret this in two weeks?

If the answers to all but 4 and 7 are yes, then I will likely buy it.

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I walk into several guitar stores and pick out one that I like the look. Then, I ask to try it out in the demo room.

Afterwards, I usually make a list of potential buys. Then, I look carefully at what I want and make my decision from the list. Then, I go back to the guitar store where my
chosen one" is located and I ask the salesman some questions . Then, I buy it.


no reason, just if i like it and my bank card works i buy it.

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+ Will I need it 2 months from now?
+ Is it something with abit of character?
+ Don't I already have strat?
+ Will I need it 6 months from now?
+ Will I keep it for more than a year or two?
+ Is it versitile?
+ Reasonably Priced?
+ Will I need it EVER?

...I'm gonna be playing second hand Fender's & OTT PRS 'til the day I die.
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make a list of everything you want.
then buy everything on that list.
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Is it an old school Charvel? Check.

Does it play well?
Does it sound old school even through this shitty amp?
Does it have a good Floyd?
Is it a paintjob or a graphic?
Is it under 500 bucks? Check

If all fit. She's comin home with me.
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Quote by Tom 1.0

no reason, just if i like it and my bank card works i buy it.

I try them out in shops then buy online from clist or ebay, used.

When buying my last guitar (RG1570) I tried a few out in shops, cheapest I could find was $1195 Cad. plus 13% tax with stock pups that were not impressive. Found one on clist in perfect condition, the same guitar but with pup upgrade to Evolutions for $700 Cad. The guy lived right near me so I tried it out and it was perfect. Saved $750+ over getting the new one and changing pups.

I only but stuff now if it's a good deal, or too good a deal to pass up. My Jap DK2 I paid $300, My tele and fender amp $650 for both, so $325 each!

My Peavy I bought new though because they are relatively cheap and at least had 7 brand new tubes.
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I inspect them, make sure there's nothing wrong with them (even if i'm buying new). Then i just plug it in and if it sounds good, it's mine.
From now, I'm only going to be high-tier guitars (ibanez j customs, caparisons, prs 24s) that hold their value, ive learnt that buying any other types will lose me money in the long run.
I guess I kind of upgrade, my first 4 guitars I upgraded in quality/price. But I really don't try to upgrade as much now. Now I'm really into guitars of all price ranges really, as long as they aren't beginner/crappy axes. I also love buying used.
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It doesn't matter if it's an upgrade or not as long as it serves a purpose. All of my guitars so far have been upgrades, I suppose. I've got GAS at the moment, and I think that if I act on it, I'll be buying something very similar quality to my Jackson DK2M, mainly because I want a new guitar for different tunings.

Resale value doesn't really matter to me, because I'm the sort of person who would hate to sell a guitar. I don't understand how some people can part with their axes so easily.

I don't seem to have a very good method for buying guitars either. Even though I know it's best to try as many guitars as you can I don't work like that. I do a lot of online research into guitars generally, and even more when i have GAS. That means I've usually decided what I want to buy before I go anywhere near the guitar store. So i'll go in, play the guitar that I've picked out online and if I like it I'll buy it. This means that I've played very few guitars other than the ones that I actually own!
honestly, I buy guitars because I like how they look, sound and feel. Then, I look at the price tag. I've never had to pay too much, I got my gibby SG and my musicman silhouette for cheaper than I should've paid, but still... I like middle range guitars, honestly, I have a lot of them, and they're my favorites, one of the guitars I actually play the most is a yamaha pacifica that I modded. I also use it all the time live. It's my baby
It has to catch my eye, I am a sucker for a good looking guitar, but if its good looking and sounds like crap I wont get it. But the main thing for me is feeling and tone. It can be an ugly guitar but if sounds and feels good it will be sitting in my room.
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