Hey guys, I am new to these forums, but not new to guitars. Just to give you guys a little back ground information I have been playing for about 6 years now and currently own a cheap strat replica, a epiphone g400 sg replica, and a shecter c1 hellraiser. The other day one of the workers at the store I take guitar lessons at gave me an offer on a lefty fender strat that I am really considering right now. I just have a question. Its a lefty and no body has purchased it from them for a really long time so he is willing to give it to me for a low price. He says it is a Mexican strat with all American parts and he himself has set it up. Now he wants $400 flat for this guitar would it be a good buy? Is that a good purchase? I have no idea what the whole American parts, but assembled in Mexico thing is about. Also, it has a 60th metal thing on the back of the headstock.

What do you guys think? Should I go for it? I know the regular righty Mexican strats are going for about $499 and knowing how I always pay a $100 more for all my guitars (since im a lefty) this seems like a good deal since its actually $100 less.

Thanks Guys
I have a Classic Player's 60's Mexican Strat. It has the same metal thing on the back of the headstock. I paid 800 euros (over 1000 dollars). Considering you're a lefty, that's a pretty decent deal I think. If you like Strats, do it.
Yeah im really considering it. Have you heard of anything like that though where its all American parts put together in Mexico? Are all Mexican strats like that, or is this one just special in some way?
Not only are those "regular" strats a bit more expensive: if you set them up for left-handed playing the pickups are gonna sound different (not necessarily bad, but most people prefer to slightly compensate for the trebly sound on the bridge pickup by setting it up diagonally), the nut will have to be replaced/inverted, the whammy bar is gonna be in an awkward place (some people just play it the Hendrix way, others decide to replace the bridge) and after you're done with that you're gonna have to set up the guitar once again because the intonation will be way off, etc.

So yes, it does sound like a good offer. However, it's still a Mexican strat that's been lying there for years so you'll have to judge whether it's in a good enough condition. I'd recommend looking on eBay for a lefty first since you can sometimes find some great offers online too (since I don't recommend buying without trying, only check out the ones that are relatively close). You might even find a 2nd hand American strat for that price...

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The guitar is untouched I was looking at it. It looks like no body has touched the thing, PERFECT condition. The guitar is made as a lefty it is not converted from a righty so I don't think anything is set up differently. I think that's what you meant?