Poll: Your favorite Nicholas Cage movie?
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View poll results: Your favorite Nicholas Cage movie?
National Treasure
9 12%
The Family Man
0 0%
The Wicker Man
5 7%
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
1 1%
61 80%
Voters: 76.
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Which one is your favorite?
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No poll?

The Wicker Man!

EDIT: Poll appeared.

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Who the **** is Nicholas Cage?

kick ass
Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live
Con Air, because the whole film is set around a plane....... and a bunny!
i'm Ginger its fun
Con Air or Face/Off
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I generally hate Nicholas Cage and think he is pretty much the worst actor of all time.

That being said, he was unbelievable in Kickass. By far the greatest role he has ever had, and I loved his performance. He needs to do more stuff like that.

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No poll?

The Wicker Man!

EDIT: Poll appeared.

Momie, I don't think we can be friends anymore. The Wicker Man is literally my least favorite movie of all time.
Con Air, Lord of War, Face Off, Gone in Sixty Seconds...then the ones in the poll.
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Face off.

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I think hes usually pretty awful really. Saying that he was good in Kickass, and I quite liked Adaptation actually.
So have none of you seen any of his real movies such as Leaving Las Vegas, Raising Arizona, Matchstick Men, Adaptation...?
What about Matchstick Men.

You know he used to be in a few good movies? You picked the shitty new ones.

Although National Treasure wasn't bad.
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That being said, he was unbelievable in Kickass. By far the greatest role he has ever had, and I loved his performance. He needs to do more stuff like that.

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Lord of War

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He's a shit actor, but I enjoyed Con Air.
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He was awesome in Kick-ass, but I do love lord of war... so I'll choose other.
The Rock, obviously. You young people, seriously...
Gone in 60 seconds.
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By far, The Weather Man.
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Adaptation, by miles.

However, despite so many reasons to hate it, I really liked National Treasure and the sequel.


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going to go with The Rock and gone in 60 seconds, they were actually pretty good movies
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Dr_Shred wins the thread

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That actually made it look a hell of a lot better than it actually is. The "Not the bees!" part in that trailer cracked me up.

That comedy trailer was rather amusing. Hence why the film must be a pretty poor horror film.
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How/why did you miss off Kick-ass? FOOL!
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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