The mind of a maniac concept. Plus a catchy chorus.

This is the first song for Electronica I've written in quite some time. I've been so focused on my solo acoustic project, and What Happened That Night, that I forgot what got me on top.

Electronica is slowly becoming more conceptual to me, and I don't just mean like a figment of my imagination, I mean as basing the songs structures more realistically. This is definitely going to be the heaviest song off the whole album, the rest will be more like The Only Pink Whale, and The Cat's First Meow were.

So this song is based around the instability of a guy who's chick breaks up with him and he basically goes nuts.

EDIT: This is intended to be a filler track more than anything. That's why some of the riffs are so short. :S Listen to my other albums to understand what I mean by filler tracks.
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Perhaps if you hadn't written what the song was about it might have made more sense to me but...

That chorus is way too happy man, holy shit lol.

Anyway for the first riff - it really gave me the impression like, oh you'Re dating and all, and then suddenly things slowly start to go sour and you see the end coming (bar 5), and I was waiting for some sort of, well, punch in the face, climax into anger or something, but then...

The break up starts setting up this mood of something in your guy'S head going wrong, and you can kind of see that he's about to flip the **** out, ya know, and then BOOM - I Think your song is about someone who's bipolar, perhaps, because that chorus sounds like a kid having an acid trip.

The break down is...well, strange, and would fit the feeling previously set up, if it weren'T for that chorus, the hell man!

Section at 81 - way too short - I don't care if the song is meant as "filler" it's just too short and it's either, take it out or lenghten it, it's useless and kind of annoying at the moment - other than that it all works in that section.

Your oops... I went too far part makes me think of some work this guy called Rumpy used to do back on msb... cool simple distorted riff.

Anyway, other than that... head scratching chorus attack, the song seems to have potential, I just don't get how the chorus fits th emood or the concept of the song.

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Holy shit. Hahah, i could say this is geniuos bro! . And im agree... the chorus was too funny .. but the song was epic for me

I love the introduction, was so damn good .. I love the way you got with the whammy, so bad.
the riff you use after, was cool but shit when the chorus sounds its epic xD! Cos, the ambient of the song is terrific sometimes you know, but the chorus is so damn happy... I like this change, make this geniuos.

the breakdown, was weird, yei. But, all the song is weird and i like it haha.

about the riff you use after the break, i like the triplets.

So, about all the song i say again, was gennius... I love it. Good job, for me bro. i give you 8,5/10
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